Negotiation in Events
August 28th, 2016 11:18 pm
09.15 Coffee and introductions 

09.30 What kind of negotiator are you? (Review of questionnaire sent in advance)

10.00 Unique industry jargon, and the nature of events

10.30 The subvention question 

10.45 Coffee  

11.00 The principles of contracts

11.15 Reviewing a hotel contract – the surprising bits  

12.00 The art and science of negotiation – tips and techniques for you

12.30 Working lunch, including AV specifically – cutting costs on the hard- and software

13.15 How to benchmark and recognize a “good deal” 

14.00 Questions and close
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Effective Exhibiting Strategy
August 28th, 2016 9:29 pm
09.15 Coffee and introductions

09.30 About exhibiting – myths and realities

10.00 Why are YOU exhibiting: creating SMART objectives
10.30 Dealing effectively with organisers 

10.45 Coffee 

11.00 Effective exhibition design 

11.30 Creating a digital strategy for exhibiting 

12.00 Staff selection, leadership and motivation

12.30 (Working lunch) creating an effective exhibition follow-up strategy 

13.15 The way ahead

14.00 Questions and close

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